Licensing Management: A Requirement For The Free Software


Free software has always been in demand by the significant users of the computer. Free software appeals to the users on a budget, and who are not willing to go for the paid ones. They are the best alternative solutions to the high price ones. The best thing about ‘free software’ is that it doesn’t have any single owner. Anyone with certain programming knowledge can download open source scripting and compile them together in the form of software. And this main advantage of the free ones that any of the peoples can upgrade it or modify it on a voluntary basis. But whether its’ a free software or a paid one, each of its licensing is critical before providing them to the users.

Whether it’s a small company comprising of 10-12 people or a large enterprise, software licensing is a business asset and therefore deserves a better caring. Similar to all other business licenses can be optimized to extract more value to the business. Optimizing the software licenses not only help in reducing the software’s cost but also improve the licensing company to stay compliant. For this dynamic optimization of software licensing the company shall align all the financial records of the licenses owned with its inventory of the used software.

The license management can be a challenge in this modern IT world when the software inventories are rapidly changing with newer computers purchase and more software getting installed in it. This problem amplifies when this optimization remains in an ongoing process and not as a one-time event. Therefore Free software license management tool are developed to manage out these challenges, which organize all the software licenses in a single place and notifies at its renewal. It can even correlate the permits with the inventory at any time thereby portraying all the information.

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Follow The Legal IT Procedure And Prevent The IT Risks


In this modern age, the IT industry plays the vital role. The IT staffs introduce various types of the latest application. The improved versions of the software help the business organizations in many ways. That is why the organizations should maintain the software compliance by following the IT guidelines. Most of the business organizations are not aware of the IT terms & conditions. So, they face different problems during the software audit or the IT audit. In this case, the business houses can hire the shadow IT staffs. The risks are also there in this shadow IT project. That is why Managing shadow it risks is necessary.

What is shadow IT concept?

Already mentioned that many organizations are unaware of the different rules and regulations of the IT industry. So, they hire the IT staffs from the outside IT department. This is an innovative way to manage the software compliances. But, this is an unauthorized IT department. That is why this IT work is called as the shadow IT concept. The shadow IT concept helps to manage various types of the IT project. The IT staffs are educated enough to know about the IT regulations. So, they can help to maintain the software license concept. On the other hand, the users should know about the proper way of Managing shadow it risks. The details are given below.

  • Before hiring the IT staffs, get the authorization. It will help to continue the work legally.

  • Every year software audit is necessary. It helps to know about the present condition of the software applications.

  • The main thing is that the software license agreements. In this case, the software asset management tool can help to avoid the shadow IT concept and manage the software compliance.

Follow To The IT Regulation By Implementing a SAM Solution

2fcbeef6-25a6-4bd2-911b-4905780ae8bc-largeWithout a business application, it is not possible to complete the work and run a business. A successful business house needs multiple numbers of the software applications. Each and every individual software application holds a license agreement. This agreement varies from one software application to another. So, the software users suffer from the various types of the legal IT risks. The over-licensed software is a very common IT problem. Actually, it is not possible for the users to identify the license type and renew the license agreements timely. In this case, the business houses must implement the Best software asset management tool.

What is a software asset management tool?

This is basically a software security tool. The software asset management tool or SAM tool monitors the installed software 24 x 7 hours, and protect them from the hackers. The software asset management tool is a very compatible application. Even, automated SAM solution is available in the market. An automated SAM application is considered as the Best software asset management tool. By searching the web, people can find more information about this application. Also, searching the service providers is not very hard. The details of the Software asset management tool are mentioned below.

  • This application can interact with any other installed software application and collect data.

  • Data collection is required for maintaining a software-database. This database helps to find the present condition of the software, such as unused or unlicensed or licensed software application.

  • The SAM solution detects the pre-installed software application. Also, it helps to remove the unused software application.

  • The automated SAM tool is used for an automatic software license renewal purpose. This is the best way to follow the IT guidelines.

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